Website Links

Here’s my other websites!

  • – a fansite dedicated to the character in Rurouni Kenshin and then some! This is my old website, maybe one day I can update it again especially with my HD video samples of the RK TV series.
  • – a fansite and web store for the Shinsengumi fan! This site is still in transition. I have a lot of static files in my old server and the store is closed so don’t go here yet. If you’re looking for cels and sketches that i have for sale, this is where to go.
  • Samurai Orchids – a fansite dedicated to my OTP, Hajime x Hide. A rurouni Kenshin and NHK Shinsengumi! cross-over fanfiction and RPG site. Still a work in progress but there’s things here you can read if you’re not into “canon”.

Here are various other websites I love to frequent!

Sparkly Eyed Dreamer – My friend’s cel gallery. The best Millennium Actress collection on the web and then some. Check out her new gallery!