Wishlist & Trading Rules

How to contact me? Email me. Note I may not get back to you instantly but I eventually will.

My wishlist is simple, cels and sketches from:

Saitou Hajime of Rurouni Kenshin
Shinsengumi from any anime or show
Nice Rurouni Kenshin cels
Nice Tosshou Daimos cels
Nice Voltes V cels

I like cels that look aesthetically pleasing so portraits, group shots and nice setups are what I look for. But a cel for me doesn’t have to be perfect or beautiful visually as long as it is from an important part of the story or tells a story. If it has both elements then I think the cel is a jackpot.

Trading Rules
You can contact me anytime for trades. I highly encourage you especially if it is for Saitou-san.

Rule 1:
Please prepare the following when contacting me for a trade proposal
1) What cel or cels are you proposing to trade? Please ensure the pictures are clear and comprised of the entire image. If any of the artwork is a “copy”, please ensure to indicate this.
2) Will you or I be including cash? If so how much?
3) What cel do you want? I will only negotiate 1 to 2 cels at a time.

Rule 2:
If you contact me, then I expect you to ship first so I can inspect it. If it doesn’t pass the inspection I will send back to you at your expense. Rare but it does happen for example if you send me a cel that is significantly different from the pictures or is in a degraded condition i.e. tears, fold, vinegar, missing parts etc.

Rule 3:
Each party will pay for their own shipping and shipment must include insurance.

Rule 4:
We exchange phone numbers in case there is an issue. Obviously we already exchanged mailing address for cel shipping.

I have to insist on these rules mostly due to not so great experiences in the past although rare. You can say I’ve learned my lesson. If you need to see my feedback I do have ebay feedback. If i’ve transacted with you in the past, I may forego some of these if I felt that our previous transaction went smoothly.