Sanosuke’s Good Friend

Sano: Anji, so you’ve been looking after me?

Anji: I don’t know who prepared this stuff for you, but it seems to me you have some very good friends.

Episode 49: The Wolf Destroys the Eye of the Heart The Fierce Attack of the Zero Stance Gatotsu

After battling it out with the fallen monk Anji, Sano manages to turn Anji around. And in turn the reformed Anji takes care of Sano’s wounds. Here Sano wakes up and asks him if he’s the one who took care of him and Anji tells Sano that whoever made the salve to treat his injuries was a very good friend indeed. This good friend of course was Megumi and she intended the salve for Kenshin but Anji ended up using it for Sano. Sano looks surprised here but if you watched the show, you would be too. It almost seemed an impossible task for Sano to convince the monk there is more to his life than his anger and anguish. Sano did a very good job and it reminded me of why I like his character in the first place.

A very interesting thing happened with this cel. I bough this during the pandemic from a seller in the UK along with a couple of other items. The item never arrived and seemed to have been lost. After a few months I contacted the seller saying I still haven’t received it and they were gracious enough to refund my money back without much question. Imagine my surprise that after a few more weeks it eventually appeared on my doorstep. So needless to say I contacted the seller and let them know and we worked out what was now due back to her. I’m glad that she was very cooperative when there was a problem, that I encountered no issues or suspicions so I was very happy to make her whole even though the wait was inconvenient. I wish most of my transactions are like this, not that the cels be lost but that the sellers are so easy to work with.