Young Man Persevere!

Almost there Onii-chan! Do your best! ~Nana

Episode 38: I will never give it up! Daimos is mine!

Here is a young Kazuya who is trying to learn how to walk again. Before going out to outer space to find the Daimolite energy, Kazuya had an accident that left him paralyzed for a long time and his dreams of becoming a space pilot and having a future was dashed. This is the hidden past of Kazuya that Professor Izumi shared with Kyoushirou to make him understand what kind of future Kazuya envisions and why Kyoushirou can never measure up to someone like Kazuya without any serious effort. Seeing a very strong Kazuya both in body and mind, you’d never think he has at one point lost his dreams! I love Kazuya’s perseverance!