Tragic Love Affair

Oh such tragic love! As if this cel wasn’t spoilery enough as it is. Heinell finally realizes how much Katarine really means to him and appreciates how much the woman has done for him only to lose her so quickly after the fact. This couple is when I first saw in anime what unselfish love is, what complete devotion is and what unconditional love is. Katarine sacrifices everything for her Prince, even her life and in the end Heinell shows her what she most wanted, his kindness. Theirs is a tragic love affair much like Shishio and Yumi from RK, but unlike them Heinell is much more harsh to Katarine in the sense that he forgoes all his feeling towards Katarine to reach his goals and Katarine is willing to be his uncompensated martyr. But like Shishio and Yumi, Heinell is the cause of Katarine’s untimely demise and yet she does not weep and is happy that she is able to serve her prince to the end. This specific scene was my wishlist and was probably a wishlist of so many other Voltes V fans because I had quite a bit of competition in YJ. Never mind that it’s got a bit of wear and that it cost me more than what others would consider “fair”, the point is the moment, the relationship and what it says about being human. So you see there was no way I’d give this up to someone else not after patiently waiting for it for so long. Another wishlist item crossed off my list! Yay!