Start of Love

If there is anything I will remember about Fruits Baskets, it is Hatori and Kana. Fruits Basket came at a time in my life that I really appreciated it but today I mostly forgot about it except for Hatori and Kana. I never read the manga but I do know that eventually Hatori moved on from Kana but I will always just remember Hatori x Kana forever. That’s probably why my gallery only has those two eventhough Furuba has a lot of interesting and lovable (and not so lovable characters). Especially now that there is a reboot and another entirely new season, I’m stuck in time in the first season.

And here we see Hatori and Kana fall in love. Hatori keeps a secret that he doesn’t want anyone to know, a sort of curse but Kana after finding this out completely accepts him for who he is. And thus their story begins and culminates in this kiss that is so tender that to be honest it makes me cry. And of course the theme song of Furuba keeps playing all through out Hatori and Kana’s relationship and if one were listen carefully to the lyrics it was just so perfect. I wish everyone had a love like that at least once in their lives but we all know what ends up happening don’t we?