Tomoe Unsettled

Tsuioku-hen (Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal): OVA Episode TBA

This is an interesting scene actually that fired the imaginations of a few Kenshin fans. Tomoe rises from sleep, uncomfortable and stays in the washroom for a long time in pain. The next day we are treated to rain and a quick glimpse of a jizo statue wrapped with a red scarf. Many speculated that the Jizo statue, coupled with her pain that night and her breakdown in the rice field in front of Kenshin meant that she had a miscarriage. Tomoe was very frustrated that the rain had ruined their crops and that she “tried”. The whole scene is really weird and no amount of Kenshin’s coaxing can give Tomoe relief.

So what does fandom do? Well I’m willing to give them that Tomoe might’ve had a miscarriage but whose child? Those fans who liked Tomoe said it was Kenshin’s, others said it was by Kiyosato and there were those who said she was raped while in Kyoto and that was the child! Obviously the ones who said she was raped didn’t really like Tomoe a lot. I really don’t agree with that theory either! Tomoe was very sad for the lost and if I had to choose a theory I would say the child was Kiyosato’s. Kenshin and Tomoe during this point in the film just didn’t have the relationship yet and Tomoe’s reaction meant she wanted the child. But then again, who knows, maybe there really was no child – you decide.