Protecting Shishio

Yumi: How about this. I can give you two an option. You’re more than welcome to turn back right here and now. I can tell Lord Shishio that you couldn’t go on and you went back… But in exchange for letting you leave now, you must promise never to interfere with Lord Shishio’s plans again.

Kenshin: Miss Yumi. I appreciate your generous offer but I’ll have to decline. I can see that you would prefer that I didn’t fight Shishio. It’s only natural. I understand perfectly well that you are looking out for Shishio’s safety, that you are.

Yumi: Hmph! I was only trying to show you some mercy but both of you are morons.

Episode 56: A Duel With an Extreme Moment

I really like Yumi. I love her devotion to Shishio and in this wonderful scene and very pretty cel, we see Yumi try her best to thwart Kenshin and Sano from reaching their final destination. Kenshin who had just finished fighting two very tough opponents in Aoshi and Soujiro is losing strength and Yumi sees an opportunity to help Shishio. Kenshin of couse sees through her motivations and declines, choosing instead to go on to the final battle of Mt. Hiei. I’m so happy with this cel!