Yahiko’s Rage

Episode 21: Destruction of a Nightmare

Yahiko… Finally I found a Yahiko cel that called out to me in big bold letters “BUY ME!!!”. Anyone who’s known me especially if they’ve had an offer period ^_~ knows that I’ve been eyeing Yahiko cels for quite some time. Alas, either I didn’t have the money *kicks Saitou* or the Yahiko cel didn’t “insist” that it be purchased. LOL!!!

Now let’s get serious just a tad. I’ve noticed quite a few RK fans profess not to like Yahiko and even is annoyed by him. He’s a brat at first, let’s admit that but remember he is also young! He was subjected to the mean ways of the Yakuza at such a young age and it’s amazing that he turned out the way he did, even with Kenshin and Kaoru’s help. To quote an old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, is very adept to Yahiko. I was very impressed at his decisions first to leave the Yakuza to stop tarnishing his parents memory. Then second to join the Kamiya dojo even with “Ugly” as the sensei. And finally his decision in the Kyoto arc to be stronger and be a good person using the likes of Kenshin and Sano as role models! I feel in this kid, just like Saitou, there is nothing merely “coincidental” in his characterization, he has one of the best character development in the whole of RK, which shouldn’t be surprising since Watsuki himself said that Yahiko is his favorite character! Now you’ll be surprised to know that Yahiko rivals Kenshin and Hiko in my top three favorite characters of Rurouni Kenshin, he beats Okita which is surprising even to myself because I’m a Shinsengumi nut! Maybe the reason I like this kid a lot aside from the anime, is because I used to RPG his character and while doing that, I had to think a lot about Yahiko and his place in the RK world. His relationships to Kenshin, Kaoru, Sano, Tsubame, Hiko and even of course Saito. 😛 During that time I learned that for someone who isn’t very strong (initially), and isn’t very popular compared to the others, Yahiko is the character that a normal person can really relate to if you’d stop for a moment and think about it. Look beyond his age and wow… *smiles*

Anyway, I know this isn’t going to be my last cel of the boy. I love him, not in a fangirl sort of way but he pulls a lot of weight in my book. Wait till I finally get a cel of him from the movie… Just wait…