Swordhunter Cho

Episode 39: The Creator of the Reverse-Blade Sword Shakku Arai’s Final Swing

This great shot of Cho was courtesy of Kata! Thanks Kata for passing him off to me! XD I will never need another Cho again!

Chou is the juppongatana’s resident sword hunter (aka collector). He proves to be a pain to Kenshin when he kidnaps a little boy in order to get Shakku’s last sword and draw the Battousai out of Kenshin. I so did not like Cho during his early days. -__- But in the end he was caught and Saito made a deal that Cho will work as his subordinate (aka assistant/servant/etc). LOL. Amongst the Juppongatana I find Cho the less loyal, which I guess is lucky for Kenshin and the others as he ends up spilling the beans to Saitou and Sanosuke while under interrogation. Anyway Cho turns from a definite bad guy to “kind of” a good guy, well that’s loosely termed. However if I could trade places with anybody in the series, I think it would have to be Cho and the reason should be pretty obvious! *grin*