Brothers in Trouble

Brothers in Trouble
Sequence Number: A4/D6 Key
Sketches: 2
Copy Unmatching Background

Here is a cel of Vash in one of the flashbacks while he was still going after Knives and asking him to not kill. Although Knives does not seem to care about what the woman ?EURoeRem?EUR? has taught them, Vash was asked to take care of his brother Knives. Unfortunately Knives is also one tough nut to crack. His hatred towards humans though is borne from bad experiences from them. Here Knives gives Vash a powerful gun as a sign of their "brethen" but Vash refuses. This is also a very important scene as it is the point where Vash leaves Knives for good after the shock of shooting Knives himself. I placed this on a red sky background as was kind of similar to what was on the original scene.
Added: 9/2/12 From: Private Collector