This is the end!

This is the end!
Sequence Number: A1/B1 End, Key
No Sketches
No Background

This is from the last episode of Trigun entitled ?EURoeBeneath the Wide Blue Sky?EUR?. A great close-up shot of Knives! Knives is trying to talk some ?EURoesense?EUR? into Vash right after Vash negates Knives organic weapon blast. Vash and Knives have several transformations back and forth and this cel is when Knives is back to normal with both of them exhausted. I?EUR(TM)m really happy with this cel as it?EUR(TM)s a very ?? 1/2 "human- looking Knives and it was a present from a Trigun collector. It?EUR(TM)s an oversized cel and I?EUR(TM)m so happy to have it. It will stay with me for a very long time. It is two layers however the second layer is not acetate but rather a paper where Knive's clothes are painted over it. It is however labeled as A1/B1 end.
Added: 9/1/12 From: Private Collector