Sgt. Saitou Hajime

Sgt. Saitou Hajime
Sequence Number: A11/B10 End, Key
Sketches: 1
No Background

Well I just had to get a cel of this guy! Why??? Hmmm because of a very interesting fact, he was one of the Yamato crew whose name was based on one of the Shinsengumi members. This guy is "Saitou Hajime" in the Yamato world. Do I know this character aside from that little tidbit? Yes I do. In fact he is one of my favorite characters in the show without even knowing his name was based on Saitou. I watched the English version of Yamato, known as Starblazers so while I liked this guy's cool albeit sarcastic attitude, I didn't know he was Saitou because his name was changed to "Knox". Anyway I find it ultra-cool that after 20 or so years, I find out he is Saitou Hajime! Both of them kind of share the same attitude and even same heroics, yet LOL they are so different visually. Yamato is a bit more stockier. LOL. I do wonder though if this design trait has something to do with an account about the historical Saitou Hajime, he was said to be at one point "stocky". Anyway I chose to show this cel here. It's so cool.
Added: 9/1/12