Saitou: Assesses Battousai

Saitou: Assesses Battousai
Source: TV Layers: 1 Sketches: 1 Cel Number: A1E Oversize, 17W x 11H Key Cel End Cel No Background

Episode 30: The Devil of Vengeance

Eventhough he has a deep wound in his chest area, his response to my second attack was faster than the first. It's as i expected, each time he swings his sword he is gradually, unconciously but surely returning to his former self... Battousai the manslayer. ~ Saitou Hajime

To me this is the perfect profile shot of Saitou. If I could only have one profile head shot from the TV then this would be it because aside from being an episode 30 cel, it's such an impressionable shot for me. And why wouldn't it? After impaling Kenshin with his sword which shocked me since Kenshin -is- another favorite character of mine, Saitou just stands there and starts an internal monologue! And not just some drabble about the past, or their fight that is unfinished, but in this instance he talks about "Battousai" matter of factly assessing his skills and stands there waiting for his opponent to recover, as if "winning" the fight was really of -no- concern. Work comes first for this guy before any personal grudges! This was probably the point where I realized clearly what his real intention was! After all that foreshadowing in the past two episodes and having a -ton- of questions, they were finally answered... Perhaps I was a little slow in realizing this... I don't know... Of course he says so himself later on in this episode but for me this shot is a little bit of an epiphany. It was one of those moments that made me like this character more and more. LOL. Hehehe of course it doesn't help that I tend to stare at the screen like an air-head completely absorbed by that very manly face of his... At least I can still appreciate what an intelligent and effective character he is amidst all that! :P As for this cel... This cel is in perfect condition! It's a lengthy horizontal pan cel and came with the matching sketch. The only thing I would've possibly wanted more was the matching background but that's alright. I'll figure it something out! Once I do, I plan to frame this so I can look at it everyday in my closet! For now it's with an unmatching original background that is a little small for it.

Added: 5/8/10