Keep Quiet! *Stab*

Keep Quiet! *Stab*
Source: TV Layers: 1 Sketch: 1 Cel Number: C3E Key Cel End Cel

Saitou was busy mulling over Shishio's plans with Battousai while an inexperienced Sanosuke tells them not to worry. Naturally the wolf stabs Sano as he sits on top of the carriage. It's a really funny scene that happens twice in Episode 45.

The truth of the matter is that I thought this was the carriage scene but I wasn't sure when I first saw it for sale. I tried looking for it but couldn't find it because I didn't realize that the stabbing scene happened twice. One during the day as they left and one at dusk as Saitou mulls things over with Kenshin. I only have one layer of this entire scene. Likely this setup is composed of at least 3 layers and a book cel. Looking at the cel I have which is C3E, this means that it's the 3rd cel of Saitou out of 3 cels in this scene. Sano who's looking at Saitou I can't really tell since I don't have that layer.

You may wonder, why is there a sano in this picture? I took a screenshot of the scene and overlaid the Saitou layer on the screenshot. If you look at the uncropped version of this you will see how much bigger Saitou's floating head is. Actually if you look closely you'll see that Saitou's neck is supposed to be under his uniform... But sometimes it's more important to "place" and anchor the cel and so I did. I do try scanning cels without backgrounds and exactly how it looks simply as I have it and that scan is available if you scroll through the images but the primary image I thought needed to be complete.

Of course I hold out hope that I will find the Sano cel to pair this up with and maybe the complete setup that includes the book cel and background but the chances of that is fairly slim if nigh impossible. I've been in this hobby though for a while and things that I thought were impossible did happen. I mean I found the glove bite scene and that was one in a several million.

Added: 4/23/20