Tamahome's Realization

Tamahome's Realization
Sequence Number: B38/C6 End,Key
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Copy Background

Episode 47: Repose of the Soul's Light
Miaka, forgive me. Until now, I knew nothing But still, you.. knowing what you did... you still fell in love with a character from a book. I finally understand. The Celestial Warriors exist for the sake of the priestess. It's the real reason we were born. We were born from the moment you appeared in our world. I finally understand. I live only because of you. My life, everything in my world... Heaven and earth, all of it... I belong to you! That's why I'm not confused anymore. I'm not afraid of anything anymore! All that matter is that I love you! ~Tamahome

This cel is a perfect start for Tamahome to appear in my gallery. From episode 47, a very important episode for Tamahome and Miaka. The "lines" in this scene just blew me away. Background courtesy of Tex-chan from RS gallery. It was similar and seemed to be a good fit so I made a copy background paired it up with the cel.
Added: 9/1/12 From: RS Collector - MDKiller1