Yui Betrayed!

Yui Betrayed!
Sequence Number: B5
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Episode 11: Priestess of Seiryuu
Who tricked who here? You didn't come back for me! You only came back to be with Tamahome! Must be nice for you. You've always had someone to protect you! While I on the other hand... Do you have any idea of what I went through when I came here? Of how I felt?! Everything that happened was YOUR fault! You know what Miaka? I love Tamahome. That's why I'm going to take him away from you! ~Yui-chan, Priestess of Seiryuu

Finally a Yui cel. To be honest Yui is one of my favorite characters in FY. Without her I don't think there'd be a story. Initially too I could empathize with her and she turned out to be one of my favorite characters in the series. Sure she went down as a villain in the anime but she was a rather complicated villain who I found more interesting at most times than the lead characters. I didn't find her annoying at all either. Simply I love her as a character, very effective and I'm so glad to finally have a cel of her. This cel is from a very important scene that sets off the rivalry between Miaka and Yui. Yui just heard Miaka and Tamahome declare their love for each other... Miaka her bestfriend did come back for her right? So why is she kissing Tamahome, the man she loved as well? Ah love is complicated and so are friendships.
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