Scarred Man of the Shinsengumi

Scarred Man of the Shinsengumi
Sequence Number: C3
No Sketches
No Background

I love the Shinsengumi... Back in 2004 while looking for more Shinsengumi, MA came to my attention but I didn't know much about it nor Satoshi Kon. I'm really glad for this cel that was given to me by Safetygirl, biggest MA fan that I know. :)

Look at him... Those eyes, the sword, the -look-. You know he is unrelentless, demanding and will get what he wants. He is the law who cuts down all those who gets in the way. Throughout the movie, this scarred man, eventhough he is no longer Shinsengumi pursues Chiyoko's object of fascination. He is my favorite character in the movie. Anyway I liked the background Safety used so I will just use it here too. Yay! Shinsengumi! Yay! Scarred man!
Added: 8/30/12 From: Private Collector