Tokairin and Natsumi

Tokairin and Natsumi
Sequence Number: A7/B16
Sketches: 2
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Oh I love Natsumi... I love her indeed and it was very cute when she had that crush on detective Tokuno (sp?) and especially the Police Chief... But wow... Tokairin comes along and bam! I just knew they belonged together. I've missed out on several cels of Tokairin, I really wanted him in this gallery but I wanted him also with Natsumi. And now here they are together being -themselves-. There is a definite love hate relationship between them because they are not only strong but they also have strong personalities. When Tokairin was holding a safety class for the whole Bokuto precinct during safety week, an accident happened. Now they stand in front of the Police chief, arguing who's fault it is. "It's my fault" says Tokairin. "No it's mine" says Natsumi. Well well... You get the drift yes? Perhaps not a perfect cel technically speaking, but it's a perfect moment and perfect cel to represent the two. This was one of my wishlist cels.
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