It's a blog. It's my blog of everything!


So it's been a month since my last update. How did I do with all the stuff i said?

Truth be told only somewhat. I have been reading up on CSS but that's taken a back seat to my studying for the SIE exam. I've done very well in studying for the SIE exam I think! The only problem is when I should register since the Coronavirus is making us all stay home.

Yep, the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 aka SARS 2. Turning on the news it's quite frightening really and in the US it's just starting. In my household filled with old people I worry. Every little sniffle, fever or cough is making me jump. I've stocked up on food because unlike others I feel like since there are elderly people in my house with underlying conditions I should minimize the going out for all of us even if it's just "essentials". Protect your love ones even if they think you're a little crazy which I probably am coz I have been having cold symptoms and I do wonder and a friend of mine just said they were "exposed" recently. I haven't seen this friend for months so I'm likely fine but I do worry for her. I looked for hotlines she could call. I think for now I can pray to God to protect all of us.

To keep my mind off those things I should focus more on this website that I haven't made much progress in. I keep thinking to myself I'll get to it, catch up on Disney+, catch up on my video gaming but the most I've done is clean up in the house, fix my room, clean up the Goldfish aquarium, check up on the old folks and stick by my laptop as I'm now working from home and they want to have us on "Cameras". I suppose I should just be thankful I still have a job even if I was never thrilled with the group I'm with but at least the overall company seems forward looking, though they are in an industry that will likely get affected more long term by this virus.

Anyway see you next month. Now that my SIE studying has gotten critical mass I think I'll feel better finally letting up a bit and focus on my hobbies like this website.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, practice good hygiene and if you won't do it for yourself, do it for others especially those in the older age group. Though believe me I looked at the progression of the disease and though it's not a disease of the young, it does get to the younger population and once the disease becomes critical the mortality rate is close to 50% and unfortunately the way one goes is akin to drowning. Generally those people on respirators have to be restrained so oxygen can be pumped in. I'll leave it at that I don't want to get too graphic about it.


Definitely it will not be good initially. Just look at this webpage that's sterile and mostly devoid of formatting because I don't remember how web development works anymore. But you have to give me credit, after all I was able to resurrect my numerous old websites and have them mostly working on an old pc spec I had lying around. For many years I used a web host but they nickled and dimed me away. The webhost kept upgrading their applications but my skills was not enough and I was considered in legacy support and was paying up to the nose for really just a labor of love I suppose. So here we are running 90% of the time on old hardware but no one can say, I can't use old versions of everything. Look there's definitely a need to upgrade software and skills for security but there's really nothing here that would warrant that security aside from defending it's existence from the evils of the web.

It's actually even worst than that. I have mostly lost my CSS skills but I still got the HTML basics down. Forget the little scripting I knew back then but today is the day we go back to what we used to do and I'll start with the most simplest blog of only html. Once i get my formatting prowess back we will work on my PHP skills that was never complete in the first place.

You may be wondering why CSS. If you look at my Art Collection on, you will see the invisible (unless you know how to "view source code") dirty secret. It was created with tables! The code of that website was actually shared to me but the formatting was something I toyed with and back then I only had command of tables, however at some point I actually improved and started using CSS! Just look at my fan site dedicated to the Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi. The artwork there is not mine but was I proud of the div and floating elements I learned back in the day!

For now be patient. This will take forever. My priority to bring back was the secret site and my artwork collection. My next priority was to start a blog to provide updates, however this is not the blog I wanted. I wanted to do it in wordpress or PHP, not this arcane HTML but information is more important to give updates on what I'm working on.

I'll be working on my CSS skills for a bit and then revamping the Art Gallery to remove tables and see if we can make the navigation a bit better. My goal is to do this by mid-March.

On non-website related news; I've decided I am going to try to pass the SIE Exam - I'd like to do it before my birthday. I passed the FINRA sample test, not with flying colors but I did pass. It tells me I have to study a little. I've been thinking about taking it since last year now that the SIE doesn't need firm sponsorship. Once I pass that then I'll think about the top-offs and how to convince some firm to sponsor me. Why am I doing this and getting back into my hobbies at the same time? I realized that one has to enjoy existing and it doesn't hurt to try to keep getting better especially since the past few jobs I had were unsatisfying. I'm trying to see what will give me the spark to enjoy life again, so I have to try things.

See you on the next update!